3 months rent free for specific Tenants in Saudi Arabia

Specific Tenant Exemptions from Rent in Kingdom due to Coronavirus crisis. The announcement has been made by the spokesman of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development. These exemptions are for specific people only and the initiative has been taken by the Ministry of Housing and other related authorities. Here are more details.

Specific Tenant Exemptions from Rent in Saudi Arabia

The Rent exemptions are for 3 months only and it includes people working for the security of Saudi Arabia. It also includes people benefiting with social insurance, orphans and people with disabilities. The Ministry of Housing will not take any rent from them for three months. This is to help them in the financial difficulties which everyone is facing.

The source of this news is Sabq.org which is an Arabic Newspaper. However, it is advised to contact the Ministry of HR and Social Development, and the Ministry of Housing to find out more information.