Airlines are advised to verify immune status of Expats before flying to Saudi Arabia – Saudi GACA

The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) in Kingdom has directed all airlines, including private airlines, operating in the Kingdom’s airports to verify the immune status of all expatriates before they board flights bound to the Kingdom. The new procedures were announced in a circular sent to all airlines on Monday.

GACA orders Airlines to verify Immune status of Expatriates before boarding flight to Saudi Arabia

The circular specified that one of two methods must be used to verify the expatriate traveler’s eligibility. Either through the Tawakkalna application, which shows the immunization status or by submitting a report through the Quddum platform, which shows that the immunization was done in the Kingdom.

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The authority emphasized the importance of full compliance with the new directive, warning that legal action will be taken against violators and that they would be held accountable for any consequences resulting from their violation.

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