Domestic Pilgrims can Cancel Hajj 2023 Reservation

, Domestic Pilgrims can Cancel Hajj 2023 Reservation

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia explained a method for canceling the reservation for those who registered for performing Hajj 2023 (1444) in local from inside the Kingdom. 

The Hajj Ministry said that registrants to perform the Hajj from within the Kingdom can submit a request to cancel the reservation directly through Nusuk platform by its application or through Ministry’s website at

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The Ministry added that this service allows those wishing to do so to cancel the reservation without the need to cancel the Hajj permit from the Absher platform.

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah announced last week the launch of 2nd phase of registration of domestic pilgrims, with the aim of providing an opportunity to those who had perviously performed Hajj before 5 years.

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With the conditions that, the applicant must not be less than 12 years in Hijri and the identity of the applicant is valid at least until the end of Dhu Al-Hujjah months, he is free from any health condition like chronic or infectious diseases.

The Ministry also said that, it is possible to add 13 dependents in one reservation, including Mehram, however mehram is an optional, they can come all in one package.

In case the seats for Hajj 2023 (1444) is still available, applicants can get a choice of booking between 4 packages as per the priority in registration.

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Hajj permits to be issued from 15th Shawwal, after ensuring that the registrants have completed the necessary vaccinations, like Covid-19 vaccine, meningitis vaccine and the seasonal influenza vaccine. 

The Ministry highlighted the importance of paying the reservation fee within 72 hours through SADAD payment, in order to avoid automatic cancellation.

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