How to Check Exit Re-Entry Visa Online Without Absher

Exit Re-Entry visa allows expatriates to exit from Saudi Arabia and re-enter into Saudi Arabia to travel around the world for a limited specified time on Exit Re-Entry visa. It is issued by the Employer for employees/workers and Head of the family for dependents.

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Procedure to Check Status of Exit Re-Entry Visa

  1. Visit Muqeem
  2. Select your prefer language from top left or corner. (English/Arabic)
  3. Enter your “Iqama number” or “Visa number” by selecting the appropriate option for you.
  4. Select any one of the preferred options from the list “Cross match by”:
    Visa Number, Passport Number, Name, Date of Birth, Iqama Expiry Date or Visa Expiry Date.
  5. Enter the value as per selected option in step 4.
  6. Once all details are enter then Click on Check button.
  7. The next window will show you the visa validity status. The details will be displayed Visa holder name, Visa number, including
    Visa holder name, Visa number, Passport number, Visa type, Visa duration, Inside or Outside Kingdom, Visa Issued date (Hijri and Gregorian), Return Before date (Hijri and Gregorian), Date of Birth (Hijri and Gregorian).
  8. If there is no visa issued then it will show you no such details.
Check Exit Re-Entry Visa status Online without Absher using Muqeem

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