How to Renew your Driving License in Saudi Arabia (2023)

, How to Renew your Driving License in Saudi Arabia (2023)
, How to Renew your Driving License in Saudi Arabia (2023)

Expats and Citizens can renew driving license online via Ministry of Interior’s Absher portal. Before beginning the online renewal of your driver’s license, ensure that the following conditions are met.

Online Renewal of Saudi Arabia Driving License thru Absher

Conditions for Online Drivers License Renewal in KSA

  1. Clear all outstanding traffic violations: To renew your driver’s licence, you must clear your outstanding traffic penalties.
  2. Medical examination (Efada Medical Test): Efada medical test can be done at the nearest approved hospitals or polyclinics. Once the medical test is completed, in a few hours, the Efada medical report will be uploaded to the Jawazat system, and you will be notified via SMS.
  3. Payment of renewal fees: Deposit the driving license renewal fees on your Iqama Number using an ATM or internet banking. Renewal fees are as follows: SR 80 for two years, SR 200 for five years and SR 400 for 10 years.
  4. Existing driving license must be valid less than 180 days: To be able to renew your driver’s license online, its validity must be less than 180 days otherwise don’t proceed.

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Steps of Saudi Driving License Renewal Online

  • Login to your Absher account:
  • Select “Services” under the “My Services” menu.
  • Select “Traffic”
  • Select “Renew Driving License“
  • Read and review the service requirements and click “Next.”
  • Select “Private Driving License” as the license type and “License Renewal Period” as 2, 5 or 10 years, then click “Next.”
  • Accept the terms and conditions by ticking the box and then clicking “confirm” to finish the renewal.
  • The next page will show you that, “Your Driving license is successfully renewed.”

Note: If failed to renew driving license online then make sure you have paid renewal fee and done medical test.

Once the renewal is complete, you can opt for postal delivery of your driving license card by choosing “Request Postal Document Delivery.” Additionally, you can collect a new card by visiting the nearest traffic office (Muroor) with your original driving license. But, you will require an appointment from Absher in order to collect your renewed drivers license from Muroor. 

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Request Postal Delivery

In order to request postal delivery the renewed driving license, scroll down the page;

  • Click on the “Request Postal Document Delivery“.
  • Press the “+” button and select your Saudi national address.
  • Confirm the phone number delivery request.

You will shortly receive an SMS containing a link to make the payment for the delivery service.

  • Delivery Charges: SR 17.25.

Collect Renewed Driving License from Maroor

You need to visit a traffic police office to collect the renewed driving license. Make sure you carry the following documents with you.

  • Muroor Appointment with the purpose of طباعة رخصة قيادة via Absher.
  • Original Iqama.
  • The old driving license.
  • No need to fill the Saudi driving license renewal form.

The traffic police officer will take the old driving license and issue you a new one.

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