International Flights in Saudi Arabia Suspended Dec 2020

Saudi Arabia has temporarily suspended all international passenger flights for citizens and residents over fears about the fast-spreading new variant of the coronavirus.

International Travel temporary suspension by Saudi Arabia once again

The Kingdom’s government decided to take the following precautionary measures:

First: Temporarily suspend all international flights for travelers – except in exceptional cases – for a period of one week, which can be extended for another week, with the exception of foreign flights currently in the Kingdom’s territory, so they are allowed to leave.

Second: Suspending entry to the Kingdom through land and seaports temporarily for a period of one week, which can be extended for another week.

Third: Everyone who returned from one of the European countries or any country where the epidemic appeared, according to what is determined by the Ministry of Health, starting from 4/23/1442 AH corresponding to 12/8/2020 AD and until that date, adhere to the following: 1 / Home isolation for a period Two weeks from the date of his arrival to the Kingdom. 2 / To perform an examination for the new Coronavirus (Covid 19) during his isolation period, with repeated examination every five days.

Fourth: Anyone who returned from or passed through a European country or any country where the epidemic appeared – during the past three months – must conduct an examination for the emerging coronavirus (Covid 19).
The above-mentioned excludes movement of goods, commodities, and supply chains from countries where the mutated virus has not appeared, as determined by the Ministry of Health in coordination with the Ministry of Transport. These procedures will be reviewed in light of the developments related to the pandemic, and what is received from the Ministry of Health.

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