Kuwait Announced 3000 Transgender Expats Deported in 11 Months


Kuwait announced that the competent authorities have managed to deport from the country, about 3,000 impersonators of women, some of whom are transgender and homosexuals, this came during the extensive security campaigns since the beginning of this year 2022.

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Kuwait Deported 3,000 Transgender Expats

There were strict and stiff instructions from the First Deputy Prime Minister of Kuwait and Minister of Interior, Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled, to the officials of the Ethics Investigations and the Residency and Manpower Affairs Investigations to clean up the country from homosexuals, who imitate women, by launching wide campaigns in all governorates, due to the spread of various diseases in their practices, Kuwaiti society, categorically rejects this category.

According to Al-Rai report, the imitators, cross-dressers have begun to spread recently, by presenting offers through suspicious communication sites and advertisements, to hunt young people who want to, taking advantage of changing their bodies and transforming them outwardly, so that they compete with women through their outward appearance.

The report highlighted that the Ministry of Interior, in cooperation with the workforce (The Tripartite Commission) began inspecting all the sites of the companies that recruit the arrested, and it was found that the majority of those who do such work are from Asian communities, who provide their suspicious services inside some massage institutes, and some of them are required to come to customer’s home.

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Kuwait authorities are coordinating with the Asian embassies regarding the procedures for the deportation of transgender expats, in addition to the prosecution of companies that hired them for violating labor and residency laws, after the Ministry of Interior and the Manpower Authority received a list of names of some of the suspects who obtained entry visas to the country, as well as the companies that employed them.

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