No Taxes on Personal Belongings Worth Under SR 3,000 – Saudi Customs


Travelers arriving in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will not have to pay customs duties on their new personal belongings if their value is less than 3000 Saudi riyals (US $ 800).

No Customs Duty for Personal Belongings Worth SR3,000

Saudi customs on its official Twitter account on Tuesday said that a 15 per cent value-added tax has been imposed on imported goods, and students returning from abroad will be exempted from taxes on used home furniture and personal belongings as soon as possible.

Further, it added that evidence of college attendance has been presented, and cars manufactured in 2016 and on are allowed to be imported from the UAE to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, if they follow local specifications and standards and the fuel economy standard.

Customs duty for the vehicle is 5% of the vehicle’s value, in addition to 15% VAT. There will also be shipping fees, customs fees and other fees, until the start of the application of the Unified Electronic Services Law among the Gulf Cooperation Council sates.

These will be applied until the date Saudi Customs said that the electronic services system between the Gulf states has started.

Source: Saudi Customs