Ramadan 2021 expected to start on 14th April

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Ramadan is expected to begin on 14th April in the year 2021 in Saudi Arabia astronomically, as per the Ibrahim Al Jarwan, The Member of the Arab union for astronomy and Space sciences.

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Ramadan 2021 expected to start on 14 April

The astronomical calculations about the crescent of the Ramadan month for the year 1442, shows that on 12th April, 2021, the new moon will be in the conjunction phase at 6:31 AM and the sun will set at 6:27 PM, As per the Oman’s Head of the Hijri Calendar Department at the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs. 

– It is very difficult to view the crescent of the Ramadan month 12th April, Accordingly, April 13th 2021 will be the last day of Shabaan month and April 14th will be the first day of the holy month Ramadan.

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– Ramadan is one of the 5 pillars of Islam, Muslims are required to fast from dawn to dusk during this month, Like every month Ramadan also begins after sighting the new crescent of moon, which lasts for 29 to 30 days depending on sighting of the new moon.