Saudi Arabia partially lifted Curfew except Makkah

Saudi Arabia City Riyadh Night Traffic View

Previously, Saudi Arabia amended Ramadan Curfew Timings but as latest order by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman has issued an order to lift the curfew restrictions partially across the Kingdom starting from Sunday, April 26, until May 13 2020, Saudi Press Agency reported early on Sunday.

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Saudi Ministry of Interior issued Details of partially curfew

  • The curfew is partially lifted for all regions except Makkah. Starting from today, Sunday 3rd Ramadan and 26th April 2020 till Wednesday 20th Ramadan and 13th May 2020. The neighborhoods of Makkah still have 24 hours curfew.
  • Some economic and commercial activities will be allowed to operate their business from Wednesday 6th Ramadan which is 29th April 2020. The business will be allowed to open until 20 Ramadan, 13th May 2020. which includes wholesale and retails shops in addition to malls. Social distancing still crucial and business that can’t be achieved without distancing is not allowed. This business includes beauty parlors, barber salons, gym, sports and health clubs, recreational centers, cinemas, beauty salons, restaurants, cafes, and other activities determined by the competent authorities.

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  • Contracting companies and factories can return to business from 29th April until 13th May 2020 without restrictions on time.
  • The relevant authorities will be responsible for monitoring economic, commercial, and industrial activities. The measures approved by the Ministry of Health must be in place.
  • The prevention of social gatherings is still valid for more than five people. This includes wedding occasions, funerals, and others. The time permitted is still between the allowed 9 am – 5 pm.
  • Facilities will be closed if the procedures are not followed.
  • These procedures will be continually monitored and any amendments or changes will be announced later. The Citizens, Residents, and Employers must adhere to precautionary measures and preventive measures against coronavirus.
  • The order reminded the public that the prescribed penalties will be imposed on violators and that firms, which violate the regulations and instructions, will be closed down in accordance with the procedures.

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