Saudi Aramco Announced Petrol Prices for March 2021

Saudi Aramco has increased the petrol prices as per their official website, petrol and other fuel prices for the month of March 2021 mentioned below and remain same until the 10th April 2021.

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Saudi Aramco Petrol Prices update

Gasoline 91

  • Before: SAR 1.81 per liter
  • New Price: SAR 1.90 per liter

Gasoline 95

  • Before: SAR 1.94 per liter
  • New Price: SAR 2.04 per liter

Diesel: 0.52 SAR/Liter
Kerosene: 0.70 SAR/Liter
LPG: 0.75 SAR/Liter

Source: Saudi Aramco