12,798 Expatriates Return Home from Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s initiative Awdah service helped stranded 12,798 expatriates return home during the coronavirus travel suspension.

Awdah Initiative helps 12,798 Expats to Return to their Home countries from Kingdom

The Awdah, which means return in Arabic, was launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to help stranded expatriates return to their home countries and received a total of 178,452 individual requests between 22 April to 6 June. Only those whose countries have agreed to receive them have been flown out.

Residents with exit and re-entry visas, final exit visas and with visit visas are eligible for the service.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, the Ministry of Human Resources and Development, the General Authority of Civil Aviation and other governmental authorities are working together to support stranded expatriates return their countries.

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