Saudi Arabia Considering Lowering Dependent Levy Fees


Saudi Finance Minister Mohammed Al-Jadaan said on Tuesday that the Kingdom’s economy is currently in an excellent position, and that the government will re-evaluate the dependent fee in light of its vision to attract new talent to the market.

Also said, “The decision to impose fees on dependents was necessary because they benefited from state subsidies on water, electricity, and others.”

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He added that the measure has forced some expatriates to move their children outside Saudi Arabia, thus weakening spending and transferring their salaries to outside the economy.

The current dependent levy fee for an expatriate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is 400 Saudi riyals per month.

The decision to impose fees came into effect in 2017 when it was initially set at 100 Saudi riyals per month per dependent. The family tax increased by 100 riyals every year until it reached 400 riyals per month.

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He confirmed that imposing the financial fee on dependents is currently under review.

Al-Jadaan stressed that the amendments to levy fees are in line with broader strategic goals to enhance the attractiveness of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for highly skilled expatriates.

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