End of Service Benefits in Saudi Arabia

End of Service Benefits in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)

End of Service Benefits (EOS) in Saudi Arabia means that any employee or worker who is working in Saudi Arabia get some rewards after ending their service and will be entitled for End of Service benefits as per Saudi Labor Law. If an employee is working for a company and when he resigns or gets terminated he will get his full and final settlement from his Company which is known as End of service benefits.

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End of Service benefits in KSA according to Saudi Labor law is if the company gives a final exit or terminates and employee contract then as per Saudi Labor Law you’re entitled to get half of your monthly for first 5 year and 1 month salary for following years:

Note: For EOS Entitlement Employee must work for 2 years minimum if any one resign before two years and serve one month notice so he will only get his entitled leaves and salary NO EOS.

End of Service (EOS) benefits all depends on the time period an employee works in a company and based on that he will be awarded cash benefits towards ending his services from the company.

End of Service Benefit Saudi Arabia Calculation

End of Service Awards in Saudi Arabia

Employees leave the company in two situations, either they will resign or will get terminated from the company. EOS benefits will applicable in both the situation as follows:

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For Resignation Employees

Scenario 1:
If an employee resigns in less than 2 years of work then he will not be entitled for End of Service (EOS) benefits.
To get these benefits he should have to complete minimum 2 years of employment.

Scenario 2:
If an employees stays and works in the company for more than 2 years and less than 5 years. He will be entitles to get 1/3rd of his EOS benefits. EOS Benefits will be half of his Salary in this case.

Scenario 3:
If an Employee complete 5 years in a company then he will be entitled to get 2/3rd of his End of Service Benefits along with Full Salary %

Scenario 4:
If an Employee complete his 1o years of service and then resigns, he will be entitled for Full End of Service
Benefits Awards with % of Full Salary

Ministry of Human Resources and Social Developments EOS Reward Calculation

To calculate the End of Service Reward, visit the link End of Service Benefits Caculator

For Terminated Employees:

Scenario 1:
If an Employee gets terminated by his employer or company before 5 years of his service then he will be entitles for Half Salary

Scenario 2:
If an Employee get terminated after completion of 5 years, then he will be entitled for Full Salary

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