Expatriates are Allowed to Buy Property in Saudi Arabia


Expatriates who are legal residents of Kingdom can now own a single property in the Saudi. The Absher platform has outlined three criteria that expatriates must meet in order to buy a property in Saudi Arabia.

Non-Saudis can buy one property in Kingdom

According to the Absher platform, the service enables residents in the kingdom to apply for a permit to own property if they meet the following three criteria:

  • The expatriate must has valid Iqama, not expired residence permit.
  • The resident must provide all relevant information about the property, as well as a copy of the deed.
  • The expatriate must not own any other property in the Kingdom.
The service can be accessed via the Absher platform’s menu as steps:
  • My Services (Khidmaty)
  • Services (Khidmat)
  • General Services (Al-Khidmatul Aamma)
  • Request Property Owning for Non-Saudis

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