Expats Stay in Saudi Arabia might be Restricted to 6 Years

The Akhbaar 24 inked that the reports are circulating on social media that Shoura Council is considering to set the maximum limit of Iqama renewal to be 6 years allowing foreigners to not stay for more than that.

Saudi Expatriates Max Stay to be 6 years ?

According to news spread on social media, if an expat has already stayed for more than 6 years in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, his Iqama would not be renewed followed by a final exit.

However, Saudi officials have reported that the proposal to set the maximum limit for the Iqama for the expatriates living in the country to maximize to 6 years is still under consideration.

Article 33 of Residency System

The proposed amendment will add a paragraph to Article (33) of the residency system, which states that the foreigner’s stay in Saudi Arabia shall not exceed six years in all cases, and it may be extended for a period according to certain procedures.

However, for now, this is just a proposal to Saudi Shoura Council and no legal amendments are made in the law regarding circulating news.

Be informed that this is not the first time such law is proposed to the Shoura Council. Once it was proposed to restrict the maximum stay of expats in the Kingdom to 8 years.

Source: أخبار 24

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