Free Medicine Home Delivery by Ministry of Health and Saudi Post

Free Medicine Home Delivery by the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia. Ministry of Health has initiated a new project with Saudi Post that they will deliver medicine free of charge. However, these medicines must be prescribed by professionals.

MOH and Saudi Post Signs MoU to Deliver Medicines to Patients’ Homes

To avoid any other health issues, Saudi post and the Ministry of Health has joined forces to help people. The delivery is for any citizen and resident of Saudi Arabia. And it will help to avoid any extra travel. The project will be initially started with four hospitals. These hospitals include:

  • King Salman Hospital in Riyadh
  • Maternity and Children Hospital in Dammam
  • King Fahd Specialist Hospital Buraidah
  • and Maternity and Children Hospital Al-Ahsa.

The mechanism includes, the prescriptions request will be sent to the hospital’s external pharmacies, which will refill the approved prescription. Upon examination and confirmation, each patient’s request is collected separately, and then the patient is contacted and informed about the shipment of the medicines via Saudi Post to his national address. The medicines are collected by Saudi Post and delivered to patients after notifying them with a message on their mobile phones containing the number which was used to verify receipt for completing the consignment.

Source: Ministry of Health

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