How to Extend re-entry visas of Expats those are outside Kingdom


Saudi Arabia is very keen on protecting its citizens and Saudi expats from Coronavirus, which is depicted by the various statements and orders passed by the authorities over a while, from restricting traveling to avoiding gathering at mosques (majids) and Holy mosques.

The country is trying its level best to have no case of Coronavirus. Under these circumstances, a new procedure has been provided by Saudi Jawazat to extend exit re-entry for Saudi expats, dependents and extend the expiry of Saudi Iqama and Final exit.

The Recent Announcement by Saudi Jawazat

The Saudi Jawazat has announced,

The procedure for the extension of exit and re-entry visas of Saudi expatriates or their family members who are outside the Kingdom.

How the Exit Re-Entry will be Extended during Covid-19 crisis?

The extension process must be done electronically by the employer in the case of Saudi expat workers or by the head of family in the case of dependents after visiting the below mentioned link to extend the electronic visa portal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Click here).

Step by Step Procedure to Extend the Saudi Visa

1) The employers or the heads of the family need to specify the period of extension required.
2)They need to fill up the electronic form through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs electronic visa services website and validate it electronically.
3)They need to provide a valid Saudi Iqama until after the period of extension.
4)Entry of all data must be made in the Arabic language except the names of the visa holder if the person is from non-Arab countries, and the data shall be identical to the data in their passports.

How to Extend Visa for a Wife of Saudi Citizen

To extend the exit re-entry for wife of Saudi citizen, it can be done through contacting the Saudi embassy in the respective countries regardless of the period of extension as long as the residency permit is valid. 

According to the statement, identity verification is done through the unified access portal, which helps speed up the completion of the application procedures automatically without the need to submit it in paper to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Earlier Announcement to Exempt the Expat Levy

The earlier announcement to exempt the expat levy until June 30, 2020, the exemption of expat levy will be applicable to extension of Saudi Iqama as well as exit and reentry visa and final exit visa.

Earlier Announcement by Jawazat to Cancel Exit Re-entry and Final Exit

The Jawazat said that,

In all these cases, the extension will be made through Absher and Muqeem portals of the Ministry of Interior and there is no need to personally contact the Jawazat offices.

Cancellation of Exit Re-entry and Final Exit Visa

The Saudi Jawazat has already asked the Saudi expats,

Who have final exit visa or an exit and re-entry visa, to immediately cancel them before their expiry. This is to avoid the prescribed fines for not availing of these visas before their expiry date.

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