Muslims are called to Eid Moon Sighting by Saudi Arabia

Saudi Eid Moon Sighting
Saudi Eid Moon Sighting

Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Court has called on all Muslims across the kingdom to sight the crescent moon of Shawwal on 29th of Ramadan 1441 AH which is 22nd May 2020 on Friday evening.

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Eid Moon Sighting to seek on Friday night

The Supreme Court asked all Muslims who see the crescent with their own eyes or with special equipment to register the sighting with them or other nearby authority.

Sharia courts in the country will inform the committee if they sight moon too.

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If the new moon appears on Friday night, then Eid will start on Saturday. Otherwise, Muslims will continue to complete 30th days of Ramadan year 1441, which means on Sunday. Once moon sighted, Muslims will celebrate the Eid all over the kingdom next day morning.

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