New Features of Saher Camera – Saudi Traffic Automated 2021 System


Saher System uses Cameras to capture vehicles licensed number plates recognition to track any vehicle in Kingdom for any traffic violations. Since its launched the traffic department has been improving its automated system day-by-day to improve traffic congestion and diversification of roads and punish violators.

With the new Saher camera installed on various locations to capture images of violators is another innovation for Traffic system in Saudi Arabia can dramatically improve road safety, potentially saving thousands of lives each year.

The New Sehar Camera have very high resolution cameras to capture images in all directions by 360° rotation. The New features described below are in the testing phase.

Latest Features of Traffic Saher System

Speed Limit

Improved Saher cameras implemented, can also detect if a vehicle is driving over and above the speed limit. There was a problem with the old Saher Cameras which were unable to detect the speed limit violations of the trucks.

However, the new Saher cameras have this feature of detecting the speed limit violation of each and every vehicle separately.

Changing Lanes

The Saher cameras installed on the signboards have the ability to check if a vehicle is changing lanes excessively. Now with the help of new Saher cameras, these violations will be detected by the system.

Crossing Red Light

The Saher cameras installed at the traffic signals can detect a red light violation as well as speeding. I have been fined once myself for overspeeding from the traffic signal camera.

Move from one lane to another?

The distance between 2 vehicles

New Saher cameras also have the ability to measure the distance between two vehicles. The appropriate distance between two vehicles varies from vehicle to vehicle. This feature is still in the testing phase.

Recommended safe distance?

Sedan car: 3 seconds.
SUVs: 4 seconds.
Heavy vehicles: 5 seconds.

Average Speed between 2 Saher Cameras

Generally, people drive their cars over and above the specified speed limit and lower down the speed at the time when they reach near the Speed cameras.

Now they have designed new Saher cameras in a way that it measures the average speed between 2 Saher cameras. However, this feature is also under the testing phase.

New Saher cameras are high-resolution cameras that can capture images in all directions by 360° rotation. The cameras can pinpoint violations as minute as speaking on a mobile phone, or not wearing a seatbelt.

Off the Road, Off the Camera?

The Saher system not only monitors highways, but also monitors service lanes, exit roads, and any other intersections in the vicinity.

With the installation of these new Saher cameras not only traffic safety can be enhanced, but a remarkable decrease in street crime will also be seen.

License Plate Recognition

Latest Saher Cameras are equipped with a License plate Recognition System, especially at the entrances and exits of the cities for identifying the person who broke the traffic signal, as well as for statistical purposes.

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