Saudi Arabia Allowed Taxis to Resume

Saudi Taxis Resumed
saudi taxi resume

Transport General Authority has announced that the public transportation services, taxi to resume while following preventive measures to ensure passengers safety and to stop spread of coronavirus.

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The Resumption of Private Cab in Saudi Arabia

The preventive protocol for taxi and vehicle orientation activities to ensure safe and sound transportation below:

  • Prohibited passengers from sitting in the front seat.
  • Disinfection of common use parts of the vehicle (passenger compartment) including door handles after each ride.
  • Vehicle cleaning and disinfection in the case of passenger transport to Hospitals or in the event that the passenger causes any spray to spread compound (such as sneezing, coughing, or vomiting).
  • Provide health papers and hand sanitizers in the passenger compartment.
  • Both driver and passenger/s should wear a face mask.
  • Open the windows of the taxi/car for ventilation during the ride and after the passenger has left.
  • Pay with a credit card if possible (for ride-hailing apps).
  • Passengers should carry their personal effects/things when getting on and off the vehicle.
  • All passenger seats can be used except for the front seat.