Saudi Arabia Announced Working Hours During Ramadan 2021 for Public & Private Sectors

Saudi Arabia flag on Riyadh Streets

Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development revealed Ramadan working hours for the Public and Private Sectors.

Public Sectors

  • The working hours per day for the public sector are 5 hours.
  • The working hours of the public sector start from 10:00 AM until 3:00 PM.

The Minister of HRSD said that all the precautionary measures will be taken at offices to control and prevent the spread of coronavirus.

  1. The number of employees who work remotely during the fasting month should not exceed 25 percent of the total staff.
  2. There shall be flexible working hours with employees clubbed into three groups and there will be one hour gap between each of the three groups for attending duty at their workplaces.
  3. The fingerprint to attendance will continue to remain suspended.
  4. The decision is only applicable to government employees.

Private Sectors

  • The working hours per day for the private sector are 6 hours.
  • The working hours of the private sector depends on management of private companies, except when the nature of work requires extra hours of operation.

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