Saudi Arabia announces Free Exit Re-Entry, Salaries for 3 months and more for Pakistani Workers

Saudi Arabia has announced the extension of entry and exit visas, saying that visas will be free for Pakistani workers until December.

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The Pakistani Government has contacted Saudi Arabia, after taking notice of the problems faced by Pakistani workers based in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia bars firms to lay off Pakistani workers for 3 months

Zulfi Bukhari, the Assistant Special Overseas Minister, contacted the Saudi Minister of Labor, Abdullah bin Naseer, on a video link that detailed consultations on the problems and possible solutions to the Pakistani community.

Further, Zulfi Bukhari has requested special measures for the return of Pakistanis. The request included free of cost travel for people who can’t afford.

The Saudi minister said that all employees will continue to be paid salaries for 3 months and the companies will still cooperate with the dismissed employees. Also, it has been said that companies are advised not to lay-off any workers during these times.

The Saudi Minister assured that the salaries and arrears of payments to the workers. Assistant Special Zulfiqar Bukhari expressed his gratitude to the Saudi Minister for cooperation and agreed to strengthen bilateral cooperation in difficult times.

Saudi Arabia also announced no charges of the STCpay facility for sending money to Pakistan. And talks between the two countries on the launch of flight operations soon. So to summarise everything:

  • Exit Re-Entry extension for already expired
  • Free visa extension till December
  • Companies to not lay-off employees
  • 3 Months salaries to be paid by companies

Source: Dunya News

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