72,000 Work Visa Issued by Saudi Arabia in Q3 2020

Saudi Arabia Visa Passport
Saudi Arabia Visa Passport

According to data issued by the General Authority of Statistics (GASTAT) that numbers of work visa they have issues during Q3 2020. more than 72,000 work Visas were issued in Q3 2020 which 50% more than Q2 2020 in Saudi Arabia.

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Saudi Arabia issues over 72k Work Visas in Q3 2020

in Q2 2020 Saudi Government issued 49,570 Visa and in Q3 2020 they have issued 72,000 work visa as per the data issued by General Authority of Statistics (GASTAT).

Out of 72,000 work visa issued in Saudi Arabia, 57,000+ Visa were issued to male population and 15,000+ visa were issued to female.

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99% of visas issued to Private Sector were not used in 2020.

The number of expats working in the Kingdom fell by 257,200 during the third quarter of the last year compared to the second quarter.

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