Tawakkalna mobile app for movement permits during Curfew

Saudi Arabia is launched Tawakkalna application for movement permits in the trial version. The application will allow managing movement permits electronically during the curfew period for government and private sector employees with the use of mobile phones.

Tawakkalna application for movement permits in Saudi Arabia

The selected group of Government and Private sector employees can utilize the app at this stage as part of the initial launch. Individuals with medical appointments and couriers will be able to issue e-permits during the curfew period from this app as well. Individuals who apply for movement permits and not included in essential workers will be able to apply in the upcoming versions and updates from this application.

The purpose is to manage the movement permits in a more unified and electronic way. The initiative will help everyone and support the government to simplify.

The application is available on Apple iOS Store and Android Google Play store to download & Install.