Saudi Arabia opens Land Ports For Kuwait, Bahrain and Jordan


Saudi Embassies revealed that the Land ports opening for 4 countries with Saudi Arabia. These four countries have been allies of the Kingdom since a long time when it comes to visitors, economy and much more growth discussion.

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Kingdom Resumed Land Ports From Kuwait, Bahrain and Jordan

The embassies in Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE and Jordan have informed that the return of Citizens and their family members is possible without any prior documentation or permission. These land ports or by road borders include:

  • Al Khafji
  • Al Raqai
  • King Fahad Causeway
  • Al Batha

The land port of Al Khafji between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and Al Raqai the 2nd land border port with Kuwait and King Fahd Causeway and Al Batha border between UAE and Oman and Saudi Arabia are also opened to allow the return of Saudi citizens from neighboring Gulf states without permit.

– Saudi Embassy in Kuwait announced that Saudi nationals could enter into the Kingdom along with families and their accompanying domestic workers.

– According to the Embassy in Bahrain, Saudi Transit Passengers who are arriving in Bahrain International Airport that the precautionary measure that are force in Bahrain including a 10 day quarantine, will be applied to them.

– Saudi Arabia’s Embassy in Jordan also said Saudi nationals living in Jordan can return to their home country by road.

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