Saudi Arabia to Provide 60,000 Free Wi-Fi Points

The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) in Saudi Arabia announced the launch of an initiative to deploy 60,000 additional free Wi-Fi hotspots in a number of public places across the Kingdom in cooperation with telecom service providers of Saudi Arabia.

60,000 free Wifi Hotspots to be Installed for the Public in Kingdom

The authority stated that it had started implementing this initiative in several stages, bringing additional free Wi-Fi points distributed in a number of public places in the Kingdom to 60,000 points, confirming its commitment to following up the companies ’activation of this initiative and facilitating the procedures for users to utilize it.

CITC indicated that maps would be provided showing the locations of all free “Wi-Fi” points in all areas, in a way that enables users to view them on the website or application.

They pointed out that the initiative includes providing free connection to the public Wi-Fi network for each service provider for a period of up to two hours per day for a large number of beneficiaries and visitors of a number of public places, including hospitals, the Two Holy Mosques, the holy sites, commercial complexes, and public parks in the cities of the Kingdom.

The Authority’s Governor, Dr. Muhammad Al-Tamimi, said that this initiative comes within the framework of the authority’s keenness to promote the deployment of communications and information technology services, in a way that reflects the progress of infrastructure in the Kingdom and contributes to achieving its strategic objectives to enable the Kingdom’s transformation into a digital society.