Saudi Expats Allowed To Return to Saudi Arabia


Saudi Residents will be allowed to enter from 15th September. The partial lifting of the suspension on international flights to and from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the opening of land, sea, and airports to allow excluded groups of citizens and others to enter and exit the Kingdom.

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Saudi Expats Allowed To Enter In Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Interior officially announces:

  • International travel for excluded groups will be allowed after tomorrow, 15 September –
  • Non-Saudis (Citizens of Gulf Cooperation Council) will be allowed to enter the Kingdom after tomorrow, September 15th.
  • And International travel for all and opening all ports January 1, 2021.

Starting from Tuesday, 15th Sep 2020 allowing entry to non-Saudis who have the following visas:

  • Exit and re-entry (Iqama holders)
  • Workers
  • People with accommodations in the Kingdom
  • Visit Visa holders

The Ministry directed the authorities to “Not to allow any person to enter the Kingdom’s territory except after submitting evidence that he/she is free of Coronavirus, based on a recent analysis by a reliable authority outside the Kingdom, the date of which was conducted no more than 48 hours.”


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