Saudi Man Marries 53 Women for Perfect Wife

Abu Abdullah insists his numerous marriages have been in pursuit of ‘stability and peace of mind’ as opposed to ‘personal pleasure’, but his inability to stick with one person will no doubt raise eyebrows. 

Abdullah first tied the knot at the age of 20 and his shortest marriage lasted just 24 hours. 

Saudi Man Marries 53 Times In 43 Years To Find Stability

According to Gulf News, which bills itself as the UAE’s biggest-selling English paper, Abdullah said he’s now found ‘the one’ and has no more plans to remarry.

A 63-year-old Saudi man who has been dubbed the ‘polygamist of the century’ claims to have been married a total of 53 times.

He explained: “When I married for the first time, I did not plan to marry more than one woman because I was feeling comfortable and had children.”

Abdullah went on: “But after a while, problems happened and I decided to marry again when I was 23 years old and I informed my wife of my decision.”

The serial husband – who said he ‘mostly married Saudi women’ – revealed his first wife was older than him, explaining: “I married 53 women over long periods. The first was when I was 20 and she was six years older than me.

“During the first marriage I had no plans to marry more than one woman. I felt comfortable with her and we had a baby.”

He also confessed he’d sometimes marry women abroad when he was away on business trips, saying: “I used to stay abroad for three to four months. So I married to save myself from sin.”

Abdullah’s parting advice? Always marry older. “Every man in the world wishes to have one woman and remain with her forever… Stability is not to be found with a young woman, but with an old one,” he shared.

The story was picked up on by Reddit, and social media users were quick to point out: “You’d think that by the fifth marriage, he might realise the problem is him.”

“I think he might be his own worst enemy,” someone else echoed, while a third person said: “Like a Saudi Leonardo DiCaprio.”

Other comments included: “How much is he paying in alimony?”, “Quantity over quality. It might take 100 tries but eventually one will stick!” and “Someone tell him he doesn’t have to marry to get laid.”

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