Taxis Public Transportation to resume work in Saudi Arabia but limited

Saudi Arabia green taxis

Public Taxis service to resume work in Saudi Arabia but restricted to Saudis only and few locations for now. The announcement of “issuance of approvals or permits” has started in Saudi Arabia. The public taxi permits will be approved on an individual basis.

Taxis to resume work in Saudi Arabia but restricted to Saudis only

Public Taxi approval will be only in areas where the curfew is not in place. The Ministry of Transport has published the update that areas with total ban are not included. The approval will be given by applications. The Ministry has also mentioned that taxis will help people in these difficult times. And they will help people in need.

However, health advice must be followed to avoid any spread of the virus. This includes social distancing measures and minimal contact with others. Also, the Ministry of transport mentioned that the public taxis and delivery applications will be restricted to Saudis only. And it is the responsibility of the licensed regulatory authorities.

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