Zamzam Water Expands Availability and Online Orders

Previously, The Zamzam water initially distribution with the Panda branches and online order in Makkah. The Saudi authorities announced an increase in distribution capacity will soon be available across the kingdom. There will be an electronically/online platform which be launched next week to high demand due to coronavirus crisis.

Zamzam Bottles Availability to be increased across the Kingdom

The General Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques mentioned an increase in the number of retailers to distribute Zamzam Containers. The standard 5 liters containers will be available soon across the Kingdom to meet the current high demand.

He added that an online platform will be available from next week to order the Zamzam containers. After Panda’s distribution authorization, now Al Othaim Company and Lulu Market Company authorized. However, it is still not clear and confirmation of retailers authorized from next week on where the orders can be placed.

“The National Water Company (NWC) has been keen in the recent period to increase the number of retailing firms and finalize the necessary contractual obligations in coordination with relevant agencies to remove all obstacles and offer the services to beneficiaries,” the company’s CEO Mohammad Al Mowkley said.

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