1,560 Mosques Allowed to Open in Makkah

Previously, it was announced to Partially Lifts Curfew from Makkah. Now, the Ministry of Islamic Affairs in Makkah has announced to open nearly 1,560 mosques in Makkah, will opens its doors to worshipers starting from the Fajr prayer on Sunday, 21st June 2020.

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1560 Masjids will Opens for Worshipers in Makkah

About 1,560 mosques, both small and large, are set to open their doors to receive worshipers starting at fajr prayers, after a 90-day suspension due to the outbreak of Coronavirus.

The Ministry of Islamic Affairs in Makkah has prepared all mosques that all the precautionary measures and instructions set by the Ministry of Health. are implemented during the resumption of congregational prayers in the mosques.

  • Single-use prayer rugs.
  • Spacing stickers between rows.
  • Social distancing between worshipers.
  • Lifting of the Qur’ans

Several volunteers participated in the initiative to “prepare mosques” to support the efforts of the concerned authorities to equip mosques for worshipers in the neighborhoods of Makkah Al-Mukarramah.

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