Expats will be Ban After Exit Re-Entry Expired


The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) restated that expatriates who left Saudi Arabia on an exit re-entry visa and did not return within their visa validity will face a three-year ban.

Expats will be Blacklisted who Fail to Return on Exit re-entry Visas

Jawazat clarified that “those expatriates who left the kingdom on exit re-entry visas and did not return before their visas’ expiry are not allowed to re-enter the Kingdom for a period of three years.”

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However, this does not apply to those returning to the same employer with a new work visa.

The 3-year ban for not coming back on an exit re-entry visa is not applicable to expats holding dependent Iqama in Saudi Arabia. You can always apply for a permanent family visa or a family visit visa for them.

Can we enter Saudi Arabia on a new type of Visa?

The 3-year ban for violating exit reentry visa rules stops a working expat from entering Saudi Arabia on certain types of visas;

  • Work Visa:Not Allowed.
  • Hajj Visa:Allowed.
  • Umrah Visa:Allowed.
  • Permanent Family Visa:Not Allowed.
  • Family Visit Visa:Not Allowed.

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This clarification came in response to a query from an expatriate wanting to return to the kingdom after leaving the country years ago on an exit and re-entry visa and did not return before the visa expiry.

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