Coronavirus has not reached to Mosques Masjid Al-Haram & Nabawi – Sheikh Al Sudais

Masjid Al-Haram

The President of the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques Sheikh Dr. Abdul Rehman Al Sudais said: “The preventive measures taken by the Saudi Arabia in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic has shown that the nation holds an exemplary position in crisis and disaster management; as well as in combating diseases and outbreaks. It has been able to do so with full ability, competence, and professionalism.”

The only Places in the World where the Covid-19 has not Reached are the Two Holy Mosques

Participating in a symposium titled ‘The efforts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in serving pilgrims and visitors during the Corona pandemic’

Sheikh Al Sudais: “The only places in the world where the Pandemic has not reached are the Two Holy Mosques. We pray that Allah preserves our nation’s leadership, as it has implemented a number of precautions and protective measures at the Two Holy Mosques. This emphasizes and makes clear the unflinching concern of the nation’s leadership for the safety of all Umrah pilgrims and other worshippers; as well as its desire for the atmosphere of the Two Holy Mosques to remain one that is outstanding, exemplary, and free of any disease or epidemic.”

The symposium was attended by their Royal Highnesses the Governor of Madinah and Asir as well as the Their Excellencies The Grand Mufti, Advisor to the Royal Court and Khateeb of Masjid Al Haram Sheikh Saleh ibn Humaid, The Ministers of Health, Hajj and Umrah and the General Director for Security.

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