Booster Dose from Feb 2022 for Activities and Flights

saudi arabia flights banned

The Ministry of Interior has announced that starting from Feb 01, 2022, a booster dose will be required to maintain fully vaccinated status to keep Tawakkalna status “Immune”.

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Four activities banned without a booster dose

From February 1, 2022, adults aged 18 and above will need to have a booster dose The “Immune” status in the Tawakkalna application will be a pre-requisite for the following cases:

  1. Entry into any economic, commercial, cultural, sports or tourism activity.
  2. Entry into any cultural, scientific, social, or recreational event.
  3. Entry into any public or private institution, be it for business or otherwise.
  4. Boarding a plane and public transportation.

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Those exempt from taking the vaccine against coronavirus as listed on the Tawakkalna do not need to take the booster dose.

What about international flights?

Although it is not explicitly stated, it is implied that without a booster dose you would be required to take an institutional quarantine package to board an international flight to Saudi Arabia if 8 months have passed since the second dose.

Therefore, make your plans accordingly and take care of the dates mentioned in your vaccine certificate.

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