How to Get Coronavirus Vaccine Certificate in Saudi Arabia?


The Saudi Ministry of Commerce has allowed businesses to offer special discounts to those who have taken the Coronavirus vaccine and must have vaccine certificate as of a proof.

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Obtain Free COVID-19 vaccine Certificate in Kingdom

If you have already taken at least one jab of the COVID 19 vaccine in Saudi Arabia, you can download its certificate in the following way.

  • The first step is to download and installed the Sehaty Application (Click here)
  • Login to your account. (Click here to make account)
  • Click on the “COVID-19 Vaccine” button.
  • Select the option “Medical Report“.
  • Once report issued, the application will show you the COVID 19 vaccine certificate on your mobile screen.

You can download the Covid-19 certificate in PDF file or take a screenshot and keep it on your mobile and use it inside Saudi Arabia if requested. On this page, you can also check which vaccine has been given to you.

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Validity of Covid-19 Certificate Outside Saudi Arabia?

Yes, the certificate is valid to travel outside Saudi Arabia only after taking the second dose of the vaccine. With only one dose of the vaccine, you still have to go through the PCR test while leaving or entering Saudi Arabia.

Check the Authenticity of the Covid-19 Certificate?

You can check the Authenticity of the COVID-19 certificate by visiting the website and providing the certificate number and ID number.

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