China Made Coronavirus Vaccine Release Date and Price Announced


The Chinese company “Sinopharm Corporation” revealed the date of launching the first Chinese Covid-19 vaccine against the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19) on the world.

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A China Made Vaccine release date and Price Releaved

The company’s chairman, Liu Jing Chen, said, according to official Chinese media, that the vaccine will be launched at the end of December, after it obtains the necessary approval and permission, indicating that its price will not exceed more than a thousand yuan, equivalent to $144.27, for two doses.

He indicated that the Beijing Institute for Biological Medicines Research began on April 27, 2020, clinical tests for the vaccine, and the results of the first and second stages of clinical trials were published on June 28, indicating that the third phase of international clinical trials began in the UAE on the 23rd of the same month.

He pointed out that, since February 16, the company started research and studies on the immune capacity of this vaccine by injecting 7 types of animals as a primary stage, as the introductory process included animals such as rats, mice, guinea pigs, macaques, and rabbits, and then tested on a small sample. From humans to begin actual clinical trials.

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