Electronic Passport Launched in Saudi Arabia

The electronic passport in KSA has been developed with the latest security standards, according to Al-Sikhan the passport, noting that it’s compatible with International Civil Aviation Organization requirements.

Saudi Arabia Introduces New E-Passport for Citizens

The brand new Saudi electronic passport distinguished by the changes to its information and contents, including the change in its external color as well as an upgrade to security features. It also includes encryption to ensure the security of data.

Al-Sikhan also said that the digital passport’s data card includes details about the passport holder as well as three photos using various technology, as well as the capability of digitally authenticating the passport using digital portals.

The Kingdom’s identity has been incorporated into all the pages of the passport’s electronic version by making drawings of all essential tourist destinations in the Kingdom.

Saudis can now apply for the new passport using the normal method of requesting one until the current passport is halted during the transitional phase.

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