How to Extend Family Visit Visa Online through Absher Tawasul (2024)


General Directorate of passports (Jawazat) in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced that expatriates living in Saudi Arabia can extend their family visit Visa online through the Absher system.

Procedure for Extending Family Visit Visa via Absher

This will help expatriates and save their time when they wanted to extend their Family Visit VISA instead of going to Jawazat office.

You can visit the family visa to extend the cross – platform thru Absher online up to 180 days

  • Extension of visit visa can only be applied before 7 days or less.
  • If its already expired then the extension must be done within 3 days.
  • Entry date of visit visa applicant shall not exceed more than 6 months (i.e 180 days).

Login to your Absher Account (

  • Go To > My service
  • Then > General Service
  • Select > Passports
  • Then > Tawasul Service

In the Next page,

  • Select > Sector: تأشيرة زيارة
  • Select > Service: تمديد تأشيرة الزيارة العائلية
  • Request Description: Explain the problem

Message Sample:

I hereby declare that my family will be leaving Saudi Arabia within a period of two weeks Please extend my family visit visa Thank you

Attach the following documents with the Tawasul request

1) Passport Information Page copy (Both Sides).
2) Stamped Visa Page Copy (Both Side).
3) Screenshot of Visa Expiry Page.
4) Declaration Form Download Sample. (Download or Save below image to print or edit as per your need)

Helpful Tip: Combine all documents in only PDF one and PNG formats can be uploaded.
Helpful Tip: You can send a request separate for every family member or Mention all members in a single request.

After submitting the request, your family visit visa will be extended for a period of two weeks within which Visit visa holders have to leave Saudi Arabia.

Note: Family visit visa can be extended only for 6 months (180 days) and not more than that.

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