How to check Huroob Status on your Iqama

Huroob means Runaway Employee. When a sponsor registers a runaway complaint against his employee on MOL, he or she will become an illegal resident in Saudi Arabia.

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Procedure to Check Status of Runaway on Iqama

  1. Visit Ministry of Labor ( No English Version Available
  2. Enter your Border Number, Residency Number (Iqama), Passport Number and select the Nationality of you as shown below screenshot.
  3. Enter the Captcha code provided in the image in the Verification Code field.
  4. Click on Search (بحث)

With Huroob status:

The people who are Absent from work or reported as huroob status will show like this. Where متغيب عن العمل means Absent from work / Huroob

Otherwise, (If the iqama status is normal), you will get employment status as علي رأس العمل (On the Duty).

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