Heavy fine for Violating Social Distancing and Temperature Checking Measures


The Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia warned against not sticking to the precautionary measures of coronavirus, such as not maintaining social distance and not complying with temperature checking, while entering public and private sector facilities.

1000 riyal fine for violation of social distancing, temperature checking

The Ministry of the Interior through its official Twitter account said that failure to adhere to social distances, and refusal to measure the temperature when entering the headquarters of the public and private companies, violates the preventive measures against the spread viruses.

  • The penalty for each violation is 1,000 riyals, which will be doubled while repeating it and the fine can reach up to 100,000 riyals, added the Ministry.
  • This came in line, after Saudi Arabia re-imposes to wear mask and maintain social distancing, after a surge of Omicron variant corona infections in the Kingdom.

Earlier last week, the Ministry of Interior reminded about the fine for not using medical or cloth mask or what ever covers the nose and mouth, as it is a violation of the preventive measures against the coronavirus.

Those who violate the obligation of wearing mask will be fined with 1,000 riyals, it can be doubled in case of repeating and the penalty may reach up to 100,000 riyals.

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