Is Saudi Arabia Heading towards another Lockdown?

Eid Curfew
Eid Curfew

Saudi Arabia has implemented complete lockdown in 2020 due to coronavirus fear which was successful and the country had seen decrease in COVID-9 cases in the kingdom.

After the re-opening of international flights and recreational places in Kingdom back in 2020 end, we see an increase of cases due to the second wave (mutation) of coronavirus.

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Is Kingdom heading Towards another Curfew?

We’ve been seeing many things which are happening in 2021 mentioned below Saudi Arabia may be headed towards another lockdown, if this continues.

Now in 2021, Saudi government has ban international travel,  and has suspended the date till May to reopen flights.

Kingdom has banned entry from 20 countries, including India.

Ministry in Saudi Arabia has warned from Travelling these 12 countries

Saudi Arabia halts all recreational events, dine-in services for 10 days which may be extended if cases won’t decrease.

Closing down cinemas, indoor entertainment centers, independent indoor games places or dine-in restaurants, shopping malls, gyms, and sports centers, for a period of 10 days that may be extended.

Ministry has also said that decision to re-impose curfew is in hands of the public because despite all the efforts made by the government and the continuous warnings to adhere to the precautionary measures, it is unfortunate that violations are being monitored continuously.

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