Saudi Arabia Extended COVID-19 Restrictions for 20 More Days

Saudi Eid Lockdown
Saudi Arabia bans activities

Saudi Arabia extends the coronavirus restrictions for a period of 20 additional days for gatherings, stopping entertainment activities and events, closing cinemas.

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Ministry of Interior Extended Precautionary Measures For The Next 20 Days

COVID-19 restrictions have been extended all recreational activities and events due to the laxity in applying preventive measures to curb the spread of Coronavirus.

  • Stopping of all events and parties including weddings and corporate meetings in halls as well as break-in camps for a period of 30 DAYS.
  • The maximum limit for gatherings in social events is not more than 20 people for a period of more 20 DAYS.
  • Stopping all entertainment activities and events for more 20 DAYS.
  • Closing all cinemas, indoor entertainment centers, and indoor games places for a period for more 20 DAYS.
  • Closing of gyms and sports centers for a period for more 20 DAYS.
  • Suspension of dine-in services in restaurants, cafes, and the like for a period of for more 20 DAYS.

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