Istimara renewal can be done without “MVPI” Inspection

Istamara or Vehicle Registration Renewal without MVPI Inspection. Another good news has been published on the Saudi Press Agency. The istamara or vehicle registration usually happens after getting the MVPI certificate. But due to coronavirus crisis, Kingdom has allowed doing this online. Below are more details.

Vehicle registration can be done without technical inspection

According to the statement released and published on the Saudi Press Agency, the Absher platform can be used to renew Istamara. The individual can go to their Absher account and get the Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection Certificate. There is no need of taking the vehicle to the MVPI center. However, please note the changes are for a temporary basis only for now.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is helping everyone in these difficult times. And this issue will be one less issue to worry about. However, getting this certificate is crucial as Istamara should be renewed to drive the vehicle on the road.

Source: Saudi Gazette