No flights Resumption from 20 banned Countries to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Airlines has clarified that all the flights are set to open on May 17, 2021, starting from 1 am in the morning. However, this decision does not include those 20 countries which are banned to combat coronavirus in Feb 2021.

No Direct Flights to Saudi Arabia from 20 Countries

The banned countries include India, Pakistan, Indonesia and Egypt. The rule is that if you have been to any of these 20 countries in the preceding 14 days, you cannot enter Saudi Arabia.

Saudia confirmed this in a tweet in response to a user’s question about whether the travel ban would be lifted for all countries, including those on the travel ban list.

Welcome, our dear guest, the suspension of all international flights will be lifted starting from 1 a.m. on Monday, May 17. But this won’t be applicable to countries where the relevant official committee decided to suspend travel to or from due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

Saudia Airlines

When will they open flights from 20 countries?

It is hard to predict when the Saudi GACA is going to resume inbound flights from these 20 countries. However, considering the current coronavirus situation in India, Pakistan and other countires, We are sure it is not going to happen soon. Click here for the list of 20 banned countries.