Pakistani Actress given Permanent Iqama in Saudi Arabia


Pakistani actress Zara Albalushi took it to Twitter to tell her fans that she had been granted permanent residency in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi-born Zara Albalushi Bought Permanent Residency in KSA

Albalushi was born and raised in Saudi Arabia and is overjoyed by the fact that now the Kingdom is her “forever home.”

The 39 years old Riyadh-born Actress has attended Saudi schools and speaks Arabic, and now expressed her happiness of obtaining a permanent residency in Saudi Arabia by sharing a picture of it on her social media accounts on Dec. 14.

The actress was able to achieve the PRC (Premium Residency Card) through a residency program launched in 2019 by the Kingdom where the eligible expats could apply for the a permanent residency for SR800,000 without being sponsored by a Saudi citizen and also includes a one-year renewable residency for SR100,000.

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She had been acting in Saudi Arabia since 2009, now on attaining her PRC she told that she is Thankful for the trust and honor of granting her the prestigious and distinguished residency.

Her happiness is beyond words yet she had lived and invested in Saudi Arabia and wishes to live and die here.

She also told that she is relieved by the fact that she does not require visa to travel out of Saudi Arabia once the employment of her guardian finishes.

Source: Arab News

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