Parents will Face Jail If Students Skipping School in Saudi Arabia


According to the local newspaper, parents of students who miss school for twenty days without a valid reason cloud face jail time in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Parents to face Jail, on Student not Attending School in KSA

According to the Makkah newspaper report, the guardian is subject to an investigation by the public prosecution under the kingdom’s Child Protection Law, if the student misses 20 days of school without a valid reason.

If the parent is found to have been negligent in regards to the student’s absence, the prosecutor will refer the case to the law court after the investigation is completed so that the judge will have the right to impose an appropriate term of imprisonment on the parent.

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According to the source, this action is a part of attempts to guarantee “ideal studies” in the upcoming academic year.

The school administrator must report the case to the relevant education department, which will then launch an investigation, listing the legal action procedure against the absentee student’s guardian, said that newspaper in its report.

The case would then be forwarded by the education department to the Ministry of Education. The student’s statement would be heard by a family care department to find out the reason for the absence from class.

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The parent would be sent to prosecution for investigation before the case is heard in court. In reaction to this newspaper report, education officials made no immediate comments.

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