How to Renew Iqama for 3 or 6 or 9 Months in Saudi Arabia (2024)


Saudi Cabinet has approved the Iqama issuance, work permit issuance, work permit renewal, and Iqama renewal for three, six, and nine months i.e Dependent Fee and Iqama Renewal with Maktab Amal Fees

It means that the employer has the option to renew the Iqama either on a quarterly basis or on an annual basis as per the currently implemented system.

Requirements to Renew Iqama

  1. Payment of Iqama Renewal Fee.
  2. Payment of Dependent Fee.
  3. Payment of Maktab Amal Fee.
  4. Valid Health Insurance.
  5. The professional membership account must be active.
    • SOCPA Membership for Accountants.
    • Marmaris Plus or SCFHS membership for medical staff.
    • SCE membership for engineers and technicians.

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Online Process for Iqama renewal for 3 months

The process for Iqama renewal for 3 months is quite similar to the normal iqama renewal;

  • Meet all the requirements to renew Iqama. 
  • Inform to the GR department of your company or your sponsor about your intention for the quarterly iqama renewal.
  • Sponsor will login to his/her Muqeem website (
  • Click on “المعاملات الإلكترونية“.
  • Select “تجديد الإقامة“.
  • Enter the security code (otp) sent on mobile.

On the next page;

  • Enter the Iqama Number.
  • Select the duration of Iqama renewal i.e. 3 months.
  • Click on the “Submit” button.
  • If successfully then message show “Your Iqama has been renewed for 3 months”

Conditions related to 3 months Iqama renewal

  • Your Iqama is linked with your family Iqama, you cannot renew your Iqama for 12 months and your family iqama is renewed for 3 months. 
  • The current decision of quarterly iqama renewal is not applicable to domestic workers.

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Why Quarterly Iqama Renewal Expats?

I believe that the decision for the quarterly iqama renewal in Saudi Arabia is very good for both employers and expats for the following reasons;

  1. The quarterly renewal of Iqama is optional, not mandatory. Its only to ease financial burdens of expats in Saudi Arabia.
  2. Sometimes employers renew the Iqama of employees and when the employee resigns, they ask to pay off the Iqama renewal fee paid by employees. With the option to quarterly renew Iqama, the employee can request to renew it only for 3 months if he is planning to resign.

Source: Ministry of Interior.

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