Penalties on Shoppers and Workers for Violating the Precautionary Measures

The Saudi Ministry of Interior announced via official social media channel that any gathering of shoppers or workers inside or outside the shops, in excess of the numbers than mentioned in the precautionary measures and preventive measures against coronavirus is a violation.

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Penalty for Gathering of Shoppers or Workers in and outside the Commercial Shop

The violations is implemented to ensure that every individual is following guidelines on preventive measures and to ensure everyone safety amid the coronavirus inside or outside stores and commercial shops. The penalties included are:

  • The first time violations of breaking the number of people allowed in the shop are SAR 5,000 fine for each individual shopper. The penalty for for owner of establishment can go up to 100,000 fine but not to exceed from 100,000.
  • The second time violation will increase to SAR 10,000 fine for each individual exceeding the number of allowed people in the shops.
  • The fine doubles the 3rd time and the individual shopper or/and establishment involved will be referred to the authority for public prosecution.
  • If the establishment is affiliated with the private sector, and the violation is repeated for the first time, it will be closed for 3 months.
  • If it is repeated for the second time, the facility or store will be closed for 6 months.
  • If the violator is an expatriate, then will be deported from the Kingdom with permanent banned from entry into Saudi Arabia after the penalty force against an individual.

Every citizens and residents urged to report any violation to authority on the toll-free number (999) in all regions of the Kingdom except Makkah, to report the violation in Makkah at number (911).

Official tweet by @AljawazatKSA

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