Reason for Increase of Covid-19 cases explained by the Saudi Health Minister

Saudi Ministry of Health Medical Team

The Saudi Ministry of Health Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah said that the number of increase in cases is because of the field testing. Saudi Arabia is taking the approach of mass field testing and visiting different areas of the Kingdom. More details below.

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Explanation for increase of Coronavirus patients by the Saudi Health Minister

The Health Ministry’s initiative of medical teams to visit the neighborhoods is showing more cases. The approach will also minimize the spread but most importantly provide more accuracy. World Health Organization also suggested a similar idea when they said “Test Test Test”. There is still no vaccine available in the market but mass testing will really help the health ministry.

“Instead of waiting for someone to tell us that they have been infected and having to isolate all those who had direct contact with them, we go to the neighborhoods that we feel might have a lot of cases. We go to homes, we go to residential complexes so we can discover the cases before they come to us,” al-Rabiah said.

Al Arabiya English, 2020

Saudi Arabia has now crossed 10,000 cases in the country after constantly testing.

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